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Eliwood: Don't you think we should conserve our supplies? What if we need them later?
Hector: I'm bleeding to death now!

Hector: You don't want me to use the gigantic magic axe I just got for this exact purpose.
Eliwood: But you can only swing that axe twenty-five times before it breaks!
Awkward Zombie, "Rank" (it seems Katie has troubles with this trope, huh?)

Mage: Uh, I’m out of MP.
Fighter: Then use an Ether!
Mage: But- but you can’t buy Ethers.
Fighter: It’s the final battle!
Mage: But I only have 85 of them.

Darwin: Use the potion I gave you!
Gumball: But we might need it later!
Darwin: Dude, we literally only have one XP left!

"There's an insidious thought that frequently goes through the minds of gamers that goes "But I might need it later" — the niggling little doubt that prevents you from using all your most powerful insurance policies in case there's some kind of no-claims bonus at the end of it all. So we have scenarios where you're sitting on a nuclear stockpile to shame North Korea and are throwing peas at a giant robot crab, on the off chance that there might be a bigger giant robot crab just around the corner."

"My problem with Shreets of Shrage Shfour is that it's a game designed for confident people. Your devastating special moves cost health to use, but you get the health back if you can land the next few hits without getting hit yourself, meaning that you become more effective the more confidence you have in your skills. And I doubt that this is the arena for a breakthrough where several years of therapy and alcohol abuse have fallen short."

" nearly every RPG, you'll encounter the same problem: Eventually, you'll wind up with an item just as overpowered as it is rare. It's almost too good to use. So what do you do with it? The answer, as every gamer out there has just quietly realized, is "nothing." You save it. Forever."
Robert Brockway, Cracked

"It doesn't help that the game requires judicial use of special abilities, which consume magic points. And I'm one of those guys who hates to use limited resources or special items, because I'm always "saving" them for later. No matter how rough things get I always refuse to use my elixir or super-powerful attack because I assume the next battle is going to be even worse, and that's when I'll really need it."
Doctor Sparkle, Chrontendo, on Holy Diver

"What we have here, General, is a binary solution set. Choice one, we maneuver the birds [satellites] and risk the fuel loss. Choice two, we don't maneuver the birds and risk having them taken out."
A colonel at NORAD sums up the dilemma, Red Storm Rising

"It was the world's fastest automobile. Now it's the world's most expensive second-hand automobile. One of only 10 ever made, the Z-Type is a car you can really enjoy sitting in, surrounded by armed guards, too terrified to actually drive it anywhere."
Description of the Z-Type, Grand Theft Auto V

"Besides, I didn’t want my life to be like, oh, pretty much every game I ever play in my entire life, where I aggressively saved every potion I acquired for the final boss—at which point, naturally, I proceeded to aggressively not use them against the final boss, making it entirely pointless."
Jaune Arc, The Games We Play

"Knowing me, I'm probably going to let it sit and rot in my inventory because I just feel really terrible about using items. That's just my quirk; like, if I have an item, I don't want to use it, because then I won't have it any more for those really dire situations, you know?"
Masae Anela, on the Super Shroom she just got

"Oh yeah, this game has tiered Star Candy. In BiS there was just one that restored all HP and BP, here there's multiple kinds. Which's good, as they stop being that kind of "oh maybe I'll need it later" item, which you keep until the end of the game and never ever use."
Skawo, after picking up a Candy (the weakest form of the Candy series of items) in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

"Proof of obtaining an elixir. It's so rare that it seems almost a waste to use it, doesn't it?"
— Description for the "Unearthly Apothecary" trophy/achievement, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

"Ethers are so rare, I can never bring myself to use one in battle!"
Ace Trainer Cordelia, Pokémon X and Y

This is supposed to be one ultra-mega-corker of a ball! Use it whenever you think you ought to! I got it ages ago from somebody I used to know. Never could bring myself to use it, though...
Peony, after giving the player a Master Ball, Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra

Are you new to RPGs or something? Potions aren’t for drinking. They’re for saving for the next fight, all the way until the end of the game.

"Use your consumables. Use. Your. Consumables! If you die with a backpack full of healing potions and scrolls of protection, you bring great dishonor to the Academy!"
The Wall of Text, Dungeonmans