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Hilda: Salem won't be living with us anymore?
Zelda: Hilda, have you forgotten? He's a hardened criminal who led a bloody insurrection to try to take over the world.
Hilda: Everyone makes a mistake now and then.

"I'd say I was joining the winning team, but that would imply there existed a time where I wasn't on Team Evil."
Black Mage, 8-Bit Theater

David: Jack, we're really grateful.
Jack: I'm not doing it for you.
David: Well, then why are you doing it?
Jack: Because someday—trust me—I'M gonna need help moving a body and when that day comes, I don't wanna hear any shit from you.

Kilgrave: The man's clearly insane! He is never gonna be a useful member of society.
Jessica: That is not your decision to make.
Kilgrave: He will go to prison and feed off the tit of the taxpayer.
Jessica: You've never paid a goddamn tax in your life!
Kilgrave: [beat] Fair enough.
Jessica Jones (2015), "AKA WWJD?"

Strax: Military tactics: The Doctor is still missing, but he will always come looking for his box. By bringing it here, he will lured from the dangers of London to this place of safety, and then we will [clenches fist] melt him with acid.
Clara: Okay, that last part...
Strax: And then we will not [clenches fist] melt him with acid. (Old habits.)

Garak: I've locked him in his quarters. I've also left him with the distinct impression that if he attempts to force the door open, it may explode.
Sisko: I hope that's just an impression.
Garak: It's best not to dwell on such minutiae.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "In the Pale Moonlight"

"Ethics? Morality? Conscience? Funny how they all go out the airlock when we need something."
Crell Moset, Star Trek: Voyager ("Nothing Human")

Mirror!Georgiou: This may clear things up, captain. (shows badge)
Michael: Section 31?
Pike: Fancy. Covert ops, intelligence gathering, threat assessment...
Mirror!Georgiou: Fun times.
Pike: What do any of those things have to do with you being on Spock's shuttle?
Mirror!Georgiou: I've been authorized to hunt down a Starfleet officer wanted for murder. Excuse me, multiple murders. By the time I caught up to his craft, it was adrift and he was gone. Any idea where he might be?
Michael: If I hear anything, you'll be the first to know.
Mirror!Georgiou: Will I?
Pike: Commander Burnham has a hard time believing those charges, so do I.
Mirror!Georgiou: The innocent don't run.
Michael: You ran from us.
Mirror!Georgiou: Exactly.

"It was six days before they caught up with the caravan. By that time they had lost two more men. One had succumbed to exhaustion, falling asleep one night and not waking up, while Kirran, inevitably, had tumbled down a precipice. Kirran had been out of sight of all but Tarn at the time, and Golgoth suspected Tarn had killed the lad to keep his murderer's hands bloody. Golgoth didn't mind, as long as the assassin didn't make a habit of it."

Belkar: See, now that's what being on a team is all about. You wanted to not kill ANY hobgoblins, I wanted to kill ALL the hobgoblins, and what happened? We compromised: I killed ONE of the hobgoblins.
Celia: You didn't need to kill him.
Belkar: True. But I didn't need to NOT kill him either.

Winston Churchill: Finally, Germany, Japan, and Italy have been beaten, and the planet is once again safe for democracy.
Joseph Stalin: That's what you think, comrade. Heheheheheheh.
Histeria!!, "World War II"

Chan: Gila Mobster! You have a morally ambiguous lifestyle. Do you know where they'd take Arnie once captured?
Gila Mobster: I cannot recall.
Chan: For twenty bucks?
Gila Mobster: Twenty-five.

"I'm not evil, I'm... nuanced."

"Isn't that why you losers keep me around? Hurting people is the only thing I'm good at."

"He's a bastard, but he's our bastard."
Richard Nixon on then Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza

"The Lannisters swindled their enemies, the Storm Kings hammered them, and the Starks cut off their heads. In such company as this, were the Boltons really so... indelicate?"
Roose Bolton, Game of Thrones: History And Lore

This ain't for you, to kill a man tied up. It's for work like this, you bring along a man like me.
Black Dow, The Blade Itself.

"This is where Voyager becomes the Seven of Nine show! And why not? She’s far more interesting than two thirds of the regular cast...even makes a wonderful observation that every action and decision they make is debated and conflicted — perhaps they could do with a little Borg uniformity."
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Scorpion Pt. 2"

"He's an... ally? I didn't anticipate that he would do something that extreme!"

juzo looks away. there's one person tethering the three of them back. a person with rough fists and an unholy ability to hold a grudge.
"but you're important, too, you know." chisa takes a seat again, comfortable. "if we didn't have you kyosuke-kun and I would go floating off like balloons."

Webby: What are your blood types? What's Donald really like? Who's the evil triplet?
Huey and Dewey: (both pointing at Louie) Louie.
Louie: Eh.
DuckTales (2017), "Woo-oo!"

Pete: If I was controlling a bad guy, you know what I’d do?
Ben: "IF"?

Rachel: What did you expect me to do to David? Did you think I was going to kill him? Did you? Is that why you let me go after him? Is that why you sent Ax for me? Because you think I'm some kind of violent nut you can call in whenever you need some dirty work done?
Jake: Look, Rachel, every one of us has his strengths and his weaknesses.
Rachel: And my strength is being some kind of crazy killer?
Jake: I didn't say that.
Rachel: You didn't not say it!
Jake: Okay, fine, Rachel. You want to do this, fine. I think you're the bravest member of the group. I think in a bad fight I'd rather have you with me than anyone else. But yeah, Rachel, I think there's something pretty dark down inside you. I think you're the only one of us who would be disappointed if all this ended tomorrow. Cassie hates all this, Marco has personal reasons for being in this war, Ax just wants to go home and fight Yeerks with his own people, Tobias... who knows what Tobias wants anymore? But you, Rachel, you love it. It's what makes you so brave. It's what makes you so dangerous to the Yeerks.
Animorphs #22: The Solution

SpongeBob: (confused) You're joining our side?
C-Note: You know, your parents must be so proud of you, man. I mean, hittin' the trailer park trifecta. You know, racist, pedophile, and stupid.
T-Bag: [laughs] You know, it vexes me that… That I'm made out to be the bad guy in the room. It's not like y'all are incarcerated for stealing Girl Scout Cookies.
John Abruzzi: None of us murdered any Girl Scouts in the process.
Prison Break, "And Then There Were 7"


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