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"Dammit, I totally forgot to get Kratos on that list. Dude literally claws his way out of hades every weekend. Which would be a bit more impressive if hades wasn't like, five feet down from any given point in Greece. I have no idea how they get any construction done. They probably have signs all over like we have for gas lines. "NO DIGGING- HADES" And then a black stylized outline of a little man who has dropped a little shovel because he is busy being raped by demons."
Scott Sharkey

NPC 1: Hey, wanna storm the gates of Hell?
NPC 2: No, we did that last week.

Allie: Lot a people say this city looks like Hell.
Jacob: Most people never been to Hell.
Allie: And I suppose you have?

May the grass grow long
On the road to Hell
For want of use.
Because we are going in through the air vents.
The Magnificient Boardies (College Roomies from Hell!!! Fan Fic)

"...Kratos falls off the mountain (Whoops! clumsy sod), he dies, falls into into hades, gets stripped of his powers, and has to fight his way out of the underworld, because that's what always happens. Kratos has enough stamps on his Hades Loyalty Card to get a free coffee and Damnation."


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