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"Mike, I have important news. I totally did it. Two chicks at once. Hells yeah".
Steven Heck, Alpha Protocol

"I have this "Jules and Jim" fantasy, definitely—you know, two men and a woman in love. And I remember reading in a magazine that the high you get from falling in love only lasts about four years. So with two men you might be able to make it last eight."
Dana Delany

"I'm down with a threesome. But I have to follow my heart and I want two penises at this party."
Chelsea Handler

Rayana: You’ve got a true innocent here, Asuka. Careful breaking him in. Hmm, would you like some of my helpful pamphlets?
Asuka: Wait, there are way too many legs in that picture…
Rayana: Just the right number for three people,
Asuka: …three?
Rayana: I wanted to be prepared for any questions you might have. After all, there was that one worldline where you, Shinji, and Rei-chan were in a very enthusiastic threesome, […] You spent most nights together playing ‘who can wear out Shinji first?’ Shinji never got much sleep, but never seemed to complain.
A Crown of Stars, chapter 35

Ross: Well, I did it! I had a threesome!
Joey: That's great! How was it!
Ross: It was… okay…
Joey: …just okay? Are you sure you did it right?
Ross: Yes, but—it's just that it seemed like my part was over very quickly, and then it was… pretty much just them.
Joey: But you got to see stuff, right?
Ross: [chuckling] Oh, I got to see a lot of stuff.
Joey: You get a little bored?
Ross: A little bit, yeah. …I made a sandwich.
Joey: What kind?
Ross: Tomato and onion on rye.
Joey: Sounds nice!
Ross: You know, it really was!

"No, it's not just sex, it's love. It's about two people connecting. With four other people. And aliens."
Susanne Warren, Orange Is the New Black

"You see, every man should experience should experience a bi-three way in their lifetime because time is too short too allow our antiquated ideas of sexuality to bind us. The way our society has viewed gender, sexuality and the expression of how we see both has never been more progressive."

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