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"That's your killer. A 150 million year old shark. And it's hungry."
Trace McGraw, Dinoshark

People will tell you, "Oh, you don't need to be afraid of sharks. They have more reason to fear humans than humans have to fear sharks." True. Humans kill far more sharks than sharks kill humans. Will that fact make you feel any better if a shark chomps you in two at the waist?
Probably not.
Sharks are killing machines. Mostly they kill fish. In some parts of the world they kill seals. They kill dolphins. They kill whales, when they can manage it. And they kill humans. At least some species do: the great white, the tiger shark... and the hammerhead. This was the killing machine I had become. Utterly without fear. Utterly without emotion. A mind with no room for anything else but killing. There was nothing playful, like you'd find with a lion. Nothing in the shark that cared about family or children. No sense of belonging. Just a solitary creature of sharp, cutting triangles. A restless, ever-moving thing, ever questing after blood.
Animorphs #15: The Escape

"As a child, I thought sharks were my friend! [removes his glove to reveal a robot arm underneath and says in an ominous voice] I know better now..."
Professor Membrane, Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

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