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Bon Jovi’s rebel posturing comes off as more than a little ridiculous: It’s hard to stick it to The Man when you are The Man. But what makes “It’s My Life” unforgivable, instead of merely shitty and disingenuous, are the lines, “My heart is like an open highway / Like Frankie said, ‘I did it my way.’” I think I speak for everyone when I say “That’s Mr. Sinatra to you, asshole."
Nathan Rabin, Then That's What They Called Music vol 5, The A. V. Club

My foes have called me bum, hoodlum, criminal. Some have even called me nigger. I imagine now they'll at least have to call me Dr. Nigger.
Huey P. Newton, after receiving his Ph.D.

Queen Christine: "You impertinent fool! By blood or by deed - you choose! By either standard, Gareth is the rightful king."
Artemis Entreri: "And I have intruded upon his rightful domain?"
Christine: "Yes!"
Entreri: "King of Damara or King of Vaasa?"
Christine: "Of both!"
Entreri: "Interesting bloodline you have there, Gareth - "
Celadon: (slapping Entreri) "King Gareth".

Reporter: Cell...
Cell: Oh, don't be so formal. Call me Perfect Cell.
Reporter: Uh...okay. Perfect Cell...
Cell: Mister Perfect Cell.

Pullo: Name?
Gaia: Romans call me Gaia.
Pullo: What do your own people call you?
Gaia: Not your business.
Rome, "Son of Hades"

"I am Tyrion, of House Lannister. Men call me the Imp."
"My mother named me Shae. Men call me...often."

Pong Krell: You are making a mistake by crossing me, clone.
Rex: It's Captain, sir.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Carnage of Krell"

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