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In pulp fiction it is a rigid convention that the hero’s shoulders and the heroine’s balcon constantly threaten to burst their bonds, a possibility which keeps the audience in a state of tense expectancy. Unfortunately for the fans, however, recent tests reveal that the wisp of chiffon which stands between the publisher and the postal laws has the tensile strength of drop-forged steel.
S. J. Perelman, "Captain Future, Block That Kick!

Simon Barrett: There is no nudity in their film, however, their depiction of the female form somehow goes past nudity.
Jay: This is so much sleazier than a movie full of nudity.
Simon: Somehow they're able to be more exploitative in showing clothed women than anyone could possibly be in showing a nude woman.
Best of the Worst, discussing Mankillers

She wore a sideglance robe, invisible out of the corner of the eye, but an opaque fountain when looked at directly.
The Trouble With Bubbles, by Philip K. Dick.

For modesty, the outfit required very conservative movements and a great faith in static electricity.

Its hem swept the floor, but above the waist it vanished mysteriously except for wisps which clung to strategic areas here and there with no support, apparently, except the personal magnetism of the wearer.

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