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A list of quotes from The Worst That Could Happen.

  • Dave is probably four inches taller than Kurt, with a hundred pounds of muscle packed on him that Kurt doesn't have. But while Kurt sits there holding on to him, Kurt feels like the solid one of the two of them. Like without him here Dave would all but dissolve into the floor beneath them. - Chapter 4

  • “I’m real proud of you, kid. I mean, hell, I usually am. But this whole thing, how you’re handling this and how you’re being there for this…for Dave. Gotta admit, sometimes I wish you didn’t invite so much insanity into your life this way. But you’re not scared of it like I sometimes am, and…if I’m doing the right thing by this kid, it’s because I’ve gotta live up to your expectations.” - Burt, Chapter 9

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  • He needs this, dinner at home, his dad and Carole, even Finn, who is awkward but trying. He needs this to remind him that the people who attacked Dave aren't normal. They're not everyone. They're the worst side of people, the worst possible versions of human beings. Kurt's dad, Carole, Finn, they're the best versions. They're compassionate and caring and they love each other, and they obviously care about Dave even though they have reason to distrust and dislike him. The best of people and the worst of people, all in one day. It's disconcerting, and it isn't helping Kurt reach any kind of epiphany about it all. All he can figure is that there are horrible people like Jason Campbell and his buddies, and there are wonderful people like his dad and Carole. And most everyone else in the world is probably somewhere in the middle. -Chapter 9

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  • "If you really like someone, and you care about them, and you worry all the time, and you always want them around, and maybe you're even really attracted to it possible to feel all those things at once and mistake it for something else," "What do you suppose love is, if not all those things at once?" -Kurt and Dr. Mad

  • "I like to think of people like bubbles. When they run into each other sometimes they bounce off with no effect, and sometimes they stick together. Have you ever seen two bubbles in the air, sticking side to side? They travel together, they shape each other at the place where they are joined. They effect each other, but they don't absorb each other. In the end, no matter how many people have collided from you or joined to you, you are still your own enitity. You've got to make your way through life, trying to stay on whatever course you've selected, struggling not to hit the ground and burst. You can't hesitate and wait and hope that some other person will collide into you, and that their impact will steer you in some new and better direction. You're not being fair to yourself if you do that. [If you think you might love him,] Then love him. Hope that he loves you too, respect however he does feel, and be true to yourself no matter what happens. In the end life is really just as simple as that." ch 28

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  • “I want…omelets. And profanity, and physics. I want shawarma, and … and a life freed from the burden of apostrophes, and someone who can make me laugh harder than I ever have before, who can make me touch my nose in the middle of the school lunch room in the name of some scientific word I can’t even remember. I want someone who wants me so badly that he listens to horrible songs to convince himself that he can’t have me. I want someone whose laughter over the phone can make me shiver so badly I lose time. Someone who is so strong that he can pick himself up after going through the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Someone who can lose everything, and can still smile because he has me. Me. Irritating, prissy little Kurt Hummel. I want a jock. I want to go to games and watch big guys on ice skates hit things with sticks, and I want to be able to point out which one of those guys is mine. I want to roll my eyes at how ridiculous hockey is, but cluck over every bruise and patch up every scrape. I want to sing during glee performances to someone in the audience who I just know will be watching me like I’m the entire world. I love you, Dave, and I want to be with the guy I love.”
— Kurt Hummel, Ch. 29,

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