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Woman: "How do you write women so well?"
Melvin: "I think of a man. And I take away reason and accountability."

"Chivalry is dead. Men aren't gentlemen anymore. That's right, chivalry is dead... and women killed it!"

"Women now have choices. They can be married, not married, have a job, not have a job, be married with children, unmarried with children. Men have the same choice we've always had: work or prison."

"But wasn't it her fault as well as the man's?"
"Nothing is ever a lady's fault, you'll learn that," Lord Trimingham told me.
This remark, confirming something I already felt, made an immense impression on me.

"But I do think it is their husbands' faults if wives do fall: say that they slack their duties, and pour our treasures into foreign laps, or else break out in peevish jealousies, throwing restraint upon us; or say they strike us, or scant our former having in despite; why, we have galls, and though we have some grace, yet have we some revenge."
Emilia, Othello, Act IV, Scene III

"Remember, Nigel, a man's place is in the wrong."
Beatrice, Kingdom.

"Female, n. - One of the opposing, or unfair, sex."
"Wife, n. - A helpmate, or bitter half."

"So who are the biggest liars, men or women? [...] The way I see it, men lie the most, but women tell the biggest lies. A man's lie is 'I was over at Greg's house.' A woman's lie is, 'It's your baby.'"
Chris Rock, Bigger And Blacker

"Here is a movie about two of the most loathsome women in recent cinema, and the movie thinks the male characters are the villains. It gets away with this only because we have been taught that women are to be presumed good and men are to be presumed evil. Flip the genders in this screenplay, and there would not be the slightest doubt that the characters named Petula and Dorothy are monsters... Men are more violent than women, yes, and guilty of abuse, yes, although the percentage of male monsters is incalculably higher in the movies than in life."
Roger Ebert, review of Beautiful Creatures (2000)

Do you see? Do you get it? I'm equally at fault. How can I ever forgive him for that?
Susan Walker, Coupling

"I performed a social experiment at Towson University in with two groups of one hundred students, each divided equally between the genders (50 male students, 50 female students in each group). I told the first group that in 75% of the time, the husband initiates the divorce, and the second group was told that 75% of all divorces are initiated by the wife (this latter statistic is accurate, by the way). I then asked both groups to speculate on why this was so. In both cases, 100% of the women in both groups blamed the divorce on something the man did. When it came to the male students, 86% of the first group and 84% of the second group blamed the men. When I asked about the probability of the woman doing something divorce-worthy, the reactions I got from both the male and female students was incredulity and disbelief that such a thing was even possible."
Dr. Jack Kammer, Good Will Toward Men...

"When I was a strapping young lad, guess who I was going out with? ...Bulma. That's right. Yeah, a lot happened...we went our separate ways. But I still know her pretty well, you know! For example, if she gets like...super ticked off at you for some reason just do ready? ...Apologize. Apologize 'til the cows come home. You did it. You're wrong. That's the only way."

Queen Moon: River, go see what he wants.
King River: Me!? But I gathered all this wood!
Queen Moon: I gave birth to our child.
King River: [grumbles and does as she says]
Queen Moon: Ha! I can't believe that still works.


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