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"Discord is in fine company. Loki from Norse Mythology, Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream, or Coyote from the Navajo and various other tribes. These are Tricksters; They might be your friends but never assume that they're your allies. These are characters that have achieved seemingly impossible goals through wit, stealth, and above all else, deception. Loki has made fools of gods, Puck played all sides while risking nothing and Coyote brought the tribes the gift of fire, but later ticked off the wrong figure which resulted in the flooding of the whole world. Whoops! You're never sure where you stand with tricksters because they answer only to their own impulses. Sometimes it's genuine altruism, other times... they just enjoy watching you squirm."

"The world is not as it should be. It's filled with distortion, and 'ruin' can no longer be avoided. Those who oppose fate and desire change... From time to time, they were referred to as Tricksters. You are the Trickster. Now is the time to rise against the abyss of distortion."
Opening monologue, Igor, Persona 5

The Trickster holds secrets in trust and deceives men and gods alike to show the wisdom of humility. Likewise, he often fools himself and so learns by his own defeat. The Trickster must gain by his wits that which cannot be had by either erudition or the sword. He is the scout, the trailblazer, the one who forges the path for more traditional, constrained minds to follow in his wake. He liberates his people from stagnation and teaches them by the pain he causes, pain which, like a broken bone, mends all the stronger for the suffering it begets. He is a lover and a thief, often at the same time. He laughs even when he fails, for he knows there is a lesson in it. The Trickster must be swift, for he knows that there are those who do not appreciate what he has to show them. These, he taunts and infuriates until they learn or are destroyed by their own impotent rage.
Mage: The Dark Ages - Core Rulebook (revised)

So has the Changeling passed through eternity, sowing mischief across reality. It was he who cut away Slaanesh's hair while the Dark Prince slept, and from it wove the cloak that Tzeentch presented to the mortal champion Egrimm Van Horstmann. It was the Changeling who sealed the doors of Khorne's citadel while he was away campaigning, forcing the Blood God to shatter his own proud gates when he returned. Tzeentch's brother Gods long to destroy the Changeling, for his handiwork is as plain as day once the deception is complete, yet somehow he always evades capture.
Warhammer: Chaos Demons Army Book (7th Edition)


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