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I've travelled a long road to get here, Tyson. This is my life's work. Everything I've seen and everything I've done - and it all starts and ends with you.

"You have two British writers in a kind of niche medium, both of whom became famous within a few years of each other, who came up through many of the same publications, and who went on to have enormously successful careers and tremendous influence on the broader culture. On top of that, they are both practicing magicians and occultists. Which is really, to my mind, a kind of strange set of coincidences."
El Sandifer on Alan Moore's catfights with Grant Morrison

"Springfield and Shelbyville; Pawnee and Eagleton; Grange Hill and Brookdaled; Byker Grove and Denton Burn; every great fictional place needs its sworn rival, filled with characters who exist like the unseen stars of another show that plays on the TVs on the bad side of town; bizarro, evil-twin counterparts of the ones we spend our half hours with. "Save that Tiger" brings Bayside face to face with its own Lex Luthor; Valley."
Stuart Millard on Saved by the Bell, So Excited, So Scared: The Saved by the Bell


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