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And then there is Quincy Brown's story. A peasant who slew a dragon, and yet he has never been one who wanted to play the hero. He had no desire to be the eldest, to be the responsible one. He had no desire to be the one to care for his brothers when his father was absent, or his mother indisposed with alcohol. He sowed and he sewed, he reaped and he cooked, he cleaned up messes that were not his and all rather begrudgingly. Quincy Brown is 27 years old.
Narration, Absent-Minded Theater

Astrid: So, when I spotted the cave from the air, it got me thinking. Last time we were here, the Snow Wraith was on us right away. Remember? Why not this time? Maybe because it's hiding out or hibernating or something in that cave.
Fishlegs: Yeah, that's not a bad theory.
Hiccup: I agree. I'm just wondering how it was you came all the way out here when you and I were scouting in the opposite direction.
Astrid: I must've gotten lost.
Hiccup: Lost?
Astrid: Fine. I got carried away, okay? You know how I am.
Hiccup: Yes, I do. But, you can't just go off on your own like that, Astrid. I rely on you.
Astrid: Okay.
Dragons: Riders of Berk, "Snow Way Out"

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