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Memorable quotes Wren or his characters may have said go here.

"Well, okay, fine. I don't have any real spiffy quotes yet. But I will soon enough, just you wait and see!"

"You know, even after all this, I'm fine with losing, really. Can't really complai- MY SPINE!" - My exact words in a losing League of Legends match.

  • "Wait, wait, wait. ...You mean to tell me we won. The three of us. Against a team of 5 people. ...Um, okay. That works, I guess." - See above.

"Super-Duper-Hyper-Mega-Ultra Sugar High Mode, GOOOOOOOO!!" :D :D :D - Chibi!Wren.

"...So, you're supposed to be forever considered an inferior clone to K'. Must suck for you." - Newr"...Yes, just like you're just like every cliched anime 'evil half.'" HSAU!Wren."Touche."

"Final! Almighty! Legendary! Exi- ...Screw it, F.A.L.K.E.N KIIIIIIICK!" - Falken.


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