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"Hey... you ain't got no face."
"Well, somebody finally noticed."
The Question Vol 1, issue #8

"What happened to your face?"
"Acne medicine, I over did it!"
The Question Vol 1, issue #8

"I'm sorry that an innocent bystander has to die..."
"Not Innocent."
"Not innocent. When I was eighteen I hit a girlfriend. Broke her nose. When I was Twenty, I beat up a professor... little man, sixty years old, had asthma. Later got into fights... I was strong tough, knew I'd win."
"You're making a point?"
"Last january, I threw a bomb out of a school bus. Saved twenty-five kids. Then I kept an old woman from being mugged. Then I stopped a couple of punks from shooting a cop. Do I deserve to die? I'm not innocent."
The Question Vol 1, issue #8

"Something wrong with your face?"
"Something's gonna be wrong with yours, you keep pointing that scattergun at me."
The Question, "Pipeline"

"You're going to find, like Sage did, that some questions can only be answered by wearing a mask. Just as there are some that can only be asked when you remove one."
Richard Dragon to Renee Montoya, 52

"Rorschach sucks."
The Question Vol 1, issue #17

Torture Technician: You stole files from our computer. Just tell me what you've learned.
The Question: Topically applied fluoride doesn't prevent tooth decay. It does render teeth detectable by spy satellite!
Torture Technician: Tell me what you know!
The Question: The plastic tips at the ends of shoelaces are called aglets. Their true purpose is sinister.
Torture Technician: Tell me what you know!
The Question: There was a magic bullet. It was forged by Illuminati mystics to prevent us from learning the truth!
Justice League Unlimited, "Question Authority"

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