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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
Edmund Burke

"When an entire world changes, there are no innocent bystanders. Only those who turn the wheels and those who let them be turned."
Doug Fetterman

"We have control
We keep you safe
We are your hope
We are in control"
Wily's machines, The Will of One

"The crowd had gathered there to watch him fall, to watch their hopes destroyed,
They watched them beat him, they watched them break him, they watched his last defense deployed,
There was not a man among them who would let himself be heard, but from the crowd, from their collective fear arose these broken words:
'We are the dead!'"
Hope Rides Alone

"Even here, it is not safe.
Even this grave has been defaced.
Someone has written on this stone, in some angry hand...
Mega Man, The Will Of One

"Send me the best you've got!
Send me your strongest machine!
The fight my brother fought,
Here, now, will end with me!
All you wounded!
Those of you who can
Pick yourselves off the ground,
Hurry back! Tell your leader YOU NEED MORE MEN!
Mega Man, Vengeance

"You have heard me, tell this story
Many times before you sleep.
No matter how dark this City gets,
Even now, there's hope for man."
Dr. Light, The Will Of One

"Tell me, now,
Is there a man among you here,
Is there no one who will stand up and try to fight?
Tell me, man!
Is there not one in all your ranks,
Is there not one who values courage over life?
They looked to me once,
Now they turn to you.
Do you understand now?
Do you see that the truth is
They don't want to change this!
They don't want a hero;
They just want a martyr!
A statue to raise!
I've given everything I can,
There are no heroes left in man!"
Protoman, The Stand (Man or Machine)

"If these people... tell this story... to their children... as they sleep... then maybe someday, they'll see a hero... is just a man... who knows he is free."
Protoman, The Sons Of Fate

"You will see, when this is through, mankind will fall."
Protoman, The Sons of Fate

"They've waited so long for this day,
Someone to take the death away!
No son would ever have to say
My father worked into his grave..."
Thomas Light, The Good Doctor

"They've waited so long for this day!
There is no price they wouldn't pay
For someone else to lead them!
Don't turn your back on me!"
Albert Wily, The Good Doctor

"If a shadow blocks out the sun, there will be Light!
If it stays until the sun has set, there will be Light!
If the sun never shows its face again, there will be Light!
No matter how dark this City gets, there will be..."
Emily Stanton, Father Of Death

"If you think that you can run, if you think that you can stand,
Well, you forget who turned this city on, you forget who plugged this city in!"
Dr. Wily, The Hounds

"Give us a grave!
Give us a shovel!
Give us a marker!
Give us the doctor!
Give us the rope!"
The crowd, Give Us The Rope

"We're given only what we need, only the chance to survive,
And even then, it's a coin toss, a roll of the dice,
There's gotta be somethin' better, somethin' that feels more alive,
So I'm breakin' out of here, tonight."
Joe, Breaking Out

"I will not be told where to stand! I will not be told what to say!
Not by man or machine, not by you, not by anyone tonight!
You've got to do better than fear.
You've got to step out of the shadows and fight!
And when they see your face again,
they will know what it means to have fear dragged out into the light."
Joe, Keep Quiet

And with a spark it's gonna be the biggest fire they've ever seen!"
Joe, Light Up the Night

"The darkness will block out the sun; if we can't find a way to HOLD BACK THE NIGHT!"
Dr. Light, Hold Back The Night

"This is like Alan Moore's Mega Man."
TheEndKing, commenting on this YouTube video of The Will Of One

"We'll get back to the robot destruction. That's what Act III is for."

"At the time, we noticed a void in rock and roll. A hole that could only really be filled with grown men and women painting up like robots and playing some fierce and furious rock music based on a 1980's video game. We were fairly certain no one else was going to fill that hole. But, by god, it's filled now. You can thank us later."
Raul Panther, to Eric Nather of Rock Sellout (interview hosted from Joystick Division)

"Things are gonna change... I can feel it."
Panther, as Joe (live shows)

"It's kind of depressing that the happiest song on this album focuses on twisted atonement and framing an innocent man for murder."
—yarrun, commenting on the general world of The Protomen, in The Hounds.

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