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Of course time is relative- but relative to what? Hate doesn't pay heed to Time certainly not these days, to think that they used to get along so... Mind you he does give secrets away so easily. Time and time again... But it's like they say- time will tell you know. I wouldn't wonder if she ended up killing Time. Mind you, it might be difficult- time heals all wounds. Still Time was always on her side... I suppose it's only a matter of time before he forgives her. Besides, she's so possessive- no doubt she'll be keeping track of Time. Or perhaps this time, it'll be different? Maybe he'll finally run out on her.
RGB during Chapter 2, providing ample foreshadowing for later.

Once a upon a time... there was a wild and wonderful light. But so terrible was the light that the world it shone upon was burnt, 'til all the lands and leaves were black. Shocked and saddened and sorry, the Light created a beautiful mask from the last still-burning tree and wore it so the world could tolerate it's terrible face. And so the light could shine on the world it loved, and the world loved the beautiful sun and ________ was fine. Then one day, a voice said to the light; "Why what an ungrateful world... You must be so unhappy." The light asked what it meant. "You are not loved." The voice replied; "The world does not love you, it only loves your mask- For without it, you would be feared and hated." And the light looked down upon the world and saw this was true. The light filled up with such ugly, awful feelings that it understood that the world was right to hate and fear it- so it threw away it's broken heart and smashed the mask to bits.
The sun broke into 5 parts and fell as five enormous trees. One was shattered upon a hard and lifeless land... one drowned in the sea... one sank in an endless mire... one was trapped and turned to stone beneath the ice... And one tree fell where no-one saw...- And it was lost forever. And as the trees fell burning- All the sky caught fire. Three ancient friends combined their powers to salvage what was left; the forest bore the sea up to the sky, and the seas put out the flames, and the darkness bound their hands together and spared them from the light... And so the fire was ended. So terrible had been the madness of the light that the final sea, the Sea of Limen was left in place: So if the sky should ever burn again there might be one safe place in all the world. And that's how it was. And that's how it is. And that is how it has to be... And ________ is fine.
RGB during Chapter 10, to help the Hero pass the time.

You have to understand- I don't want to be doing this. Saving the world doesn't appeal to me. It's pointless! Realities come into and go out of existence just as frequently as their inhabitants- Worlds end all the time. I can't change that... So why should I care if this one does? Sigh. But, you see... The problem is- if one goes...? They all go.
RGB during Chapter 16, revealing why he's saving his world.

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