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"A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today if they know when The Price Is Right!"
-The original opening spiel, as said by Johnny Olson (1972-75). For Dennis James' tenure on the nighttime series, "today" was replaced with "tonight". For a time between November 1972 and late Spring or early Summer 1973, "From Television City in Hollywood" was added to the beginning.

"And here it comes! The first, big, hour-long game show in television! The fabulous, new, sixty-minute Price Is Right!"
-Opening spiel used when the daytime show permanently expanded to an hour (November 3, 1975). The "new" was removed sometime in the first half of the 1976-77 season.

"Here it comes! Television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! The fabulous, sixty-minute Price Is Right!"
-Opening spiel used from early 1977 to April 1998. "From the Bob Barker Studio at CBS in Hollywood" was added between the first and second sentences in April 1998, the day after the ceremonial 5,000th show, through season 37 (2008-2009).

Bob Barker: Clock will start with your first bid, go.
Brian: $89.
Bob: Higher.
Brian: Uh...a hundred and five.
Bob: High-low-stop the clock. Did you say eighty-nine dollars? And then you said a hundred... Brian, what kind of show do you think this is? You couldn't buy those saucers for $89!
-A well-known exchange during a 1990s playing of Clock Game.

"As many of you know, We have lost our dear friend: Rod Roddy. Rod's many television friends, And all of us associated with The Price Is Right will miss his splendid talent, and his great sense of humor. May god bless you, Rob."
-Bob Barker's brief tribute to Rod Roddy after the latter's death in 2003.

"Here it comes! From the (famous) Bob Barker Studio (at CBS) in Hollywood, it's The Price Is Right!"
-Opening spiel used since Season 38 (2009-10 season); "famous" was added as of March 2019, while "at CBS" was removed. This is because CBS no longer owns Television City.