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Commissar Gebbet lowered his bolt pistol. All eyes were upon him.
"Weep for him-" he indicated the fallen officer "-for his faith was not sufficient. Rejoice for yourselves, for my faith is bottomless! Forward, for the Emperor!"

"If you will not serve in combat, then you shall serve in the firing line!"
Commissar Gebbet, Warhammer 40,000

Commissar, Dawn of War

For I have saved your soul!"
Commissar, Dawn of War

"Follow my example or I WILL MAKE YOU ONE!"
Commissar Lord Bernn, Dawn of War II: Retribution

"Where is your courage?
Where is your strength?
Where is your conviction?
Forward, dogs, always forward! AVE IMPERATOR! CHARGE!"
Commissar Kowle, Warhammer 40,000

It was Borski. He looked calm and unafraid.
"Get up, soldier," he said, ignoring the hail of darts which blurred by him. Nipper shook his head. Borski raised his pistol and snapped a shot off into the distance. Nipper heard a ricochet, saw Borski grimace with annoyance, like a man who had just missed a target on a practice range. He fired again and something close by groaned.

"You can die like a cringing dog or like a soldier of the Imperium," Borski said. His calm voice carried clearly over the noise of battle. He fired again. The noise of his pistol seemed impossibly loud. "Be quick, your soul is in peril."
Borski was setting him an exmaple of how to do it [meet his end.] He smiled up at the Commissar and rose to his feet.

Borski nodded, satisfied. "The correct decision," he said "You are a true guardsman."
Commissar Borski, Devil's Marauders by William King

Captain Marko Ramius: (in Russian) What are you doing?
Senior Lieutenant Ivan Putin: (in Russian) Overseeing the stability of the crew.
Ramius: (in Russian) By invading my privacy?
Putin: (in Russian) Privacy is not a major concern in the Soviet Union. It is often contrary to the collective good.


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