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He could hear voices whispering and screaming inside his skull, a babble of madness that would have swamped a lesser man's mind. But the mind of a Grey Knight was built around a hard core of pure, depthless faith. Where other men had fear, the Grey Knights had resolve. Where others had doubt, Mandulis had faith. An Imperial guardsman, no matter how courageous or pious, still had that unprotected hollow of despair, greed, and terror at the heart of his soul. A Grey Knight did not. Ghargatuloth's mind tricks broke against Mandulis's mind like waves against rocks.

That was why it had to be the Grey Knights assaulting Khorion IX. The Lords Militant could assemble armies hundreds of millions strong, but not one of those Guardsmen would have kept his mind for a minute under the gaze of Ghargatuloth. So it was up to the Grey Knights, and now it was up to Mandulis.

But hold on, go back a bit. Why am I "the ONLY ONE who can STOP THEM"? They seem to be quite receptive to normal bullets in the squishy parts. Where are the armed forces?
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, Zero Punctuation "The Conduit"

Being a super hero is very simple. It boils down to looking around one day... and realising that you are the only one around who save the day. What do you do? Do you freak out and walk away? Or do you grit your teeth and march into Hell if that's what it takes? If sacrificing your life would save the lives of everyone else, would you do it?

"You're the only man who can save us from this mighty menace!"
"The only man?" scoffed Proton. "What about all the other lazy sods? There are six and a half billion people on this planet!"
Attack of the Fifty Foot Half-Klingon

"There is a word for a lone hero fighting against incredible odds. That word is Dead."
— Player's Manual for Wizardry: Proving Grounds Of The Mad Overlord

"You know, I wish some more good guys would show up."
The Prince, Prince of Persia (2008)

Arin and Danny, Game Grumps, "Pokémon FireRed: Claarff Face-off - PART 118"

"The situation is critical. Once more we are facing the greatest threat in human history. And only one man can save us — only one man can combat this fiendish threat to our world! That man is you! Captain Proton: Astrogator of Action, Spacehound of the Stars, the Man of Plastisteel!"
"Actually," said TuMok, "there are 16,507 suitable candidates in the Space Rangers, plus several million others in the combined military and police forces of your world."
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space


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