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Quotes / The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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Pooh: You know, Piglet, sometimes people care too much. I think it's called "love."
Piglet: Oh! Do you think we should tell Rabbit?
Pooh: Don't worry, I believe he already knows.
"Find Her, Keep Her"

Kessie: Now I can fly south!
Tigger: Hey that's right kid, you've soloed! Oh boy there's nothing holding ya down NOW!
Rabbit: *brokenhearted walks away off screen*..........don't you think I know.
"Find Her, Keep Her"

Eeyore: I'm grateful to ya' all, even if ya' almost killed me. But I don't come up here 'cause I'm sad. I come up here 'cause I'm happy.
Piglet: Nope?
Eeyore: Nope. Let me show ya' something, because ya' are a good friend. Now, watch that cloud.
Piglet: Ooh.
Pooh: My goodness. What's going on?
Piglet: Cloud-painting. Eeyore invented it.
Tigger: Why, it's spectacular!
Eeyore: Ah, anybody can do it. Just use your imagination.
"Donkey for a Day"

Gopher is utterly hysterical with fright, runs everywhere on the ground in circles and babbles incoherently

Gopher: (Suddenly runs while babbling by mistake straight into Eeyore's face and is caught off guard) AGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! (faints in the dirt)

Eeyore: Can't say I like my face either.
"Lights Out"

Rabbit: (points outside at Piglet, Pooh and Tigger from inside a fortress) You, and you, and especially YOU...are to STAY AWAY...For-EVER!
Pooh: But who will come and borrow honey from you?
Rabbit: NO ONE!!!!!!! And that means you!
Pooh: Oh, my tummy will be awfully sorry to hear that.

Gopher: (Referring to Rabbit being stuck in a tree) I'll cut him down! Might be painful, but it could hurt a lot, too.
"No Rabbit's a Fortress"

Tigger: Something full of spookables, and horribible creatures...uh, and things that go shopping in the night.
"The Monster, Franken Pooh"

Piglet: Excuse me, i think i left my horse double-parked.
Gopher: Ah-ah-ah! Doesn't seem so likely since horses haven't been invented yet.
"A Knight to Remember"

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