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"Christian pop groups, Christian folk groups, Christian heavy-metal groups, Christian reggae groups... No album was actually titled I Found God And Lost My Talent, but I'm sure that was just an oversight."
PJ O'Rourke, in Holidays in Hell, upon visiting a Christian music store at the Christian theme park Heritage USA in 1987

Cosy Moments, as its name (an inspiration of Mr. Wilberfloss's own) is designed to imply, is a journal for the home. It is the sort of paper which the father of the family is expected to take home with him from his office and read aloud to the chicks before bed-time. It was founded by its proprietor, Mr. Benjamin White, as an antidote to yellow journalism. One is forced to admit that up to the present yellow journalism seems to be competing against it with a certain measure of success.

Finally, Hell's Bells makes the fatal mistake of attempting to offer an alternative to secular music. Over images of sweeping American landscapes and footage of liturgical dancers plays a dreadfully dull, studiously rhythmless song about Jesus dancing into world to dance away our sins. Ironically, you can't dance to it. It has some strains of modern freakfolk, but with Beatlesque orchestration and dry, expressionless vocals. No wonder the kids listen to heavy metal.

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