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Todd: Rest assured, I...I won't be pulling any vigilante nonsense.
Lisbon: We're very sorry for your loss. And I'm glad you see it that way. There's no upside to taking the law into your own hands. Revenge truly doesn't work.
Jane: Well, that's just a sweeping statement, isn't it? I'm sure we can all think of examples where revenge has worked splendidly.
Lisbon: Thanks for your input.
"Red Moon"

Jane: I won't be working this particular case, but I do like what you said. "We're all in this together as one." Mao Tse-tung, right?
Bertram: Hold your horses there, buster. What do you mean, you won't be working on this one?
Jane: Well, state house lobbyist abductions, it's-it's uh not really my cup of tea.
Bertram: Well, that's— that's kind of unprofessional, don't you think?
Jane: I guess. But I'm not actually a professional.
"Red Sky at Night"

Charlotte Hallucination: Red John, Red John, Red John. I am so over Red John.
Jane: You’re not my daughter. My daughter was murdered. I found her body.
Charlotte Hallucination: “You are safe, you are loved, and you are wise."
Jane: Who told you those words?
Charlotte Hallucination: You did. Every night when you tucked me into bed.
"Devil's Cherry"

Jane: You keep a hammer in your desk?
Lisbon: You only think you know everything about me.
"Panama Red," after Lisbon uses a hammer to smash a puzzle box that Jane hid her keys in

Rigsby: (as the team investigates a hazardous waste site that once was a factory) There's mercury dust everywhere.
Lisbon: Great.
Rigsby: Yeah, it's probably not too dangerous. So long as you don't, you know, (Beat) breathe.
"Red Rover, Red Rover"

Lisbon: I love you.
To Patrick Jane, "Little Yellow House"

Jane: I don't want to lose you. I don't know how I'd react.
To Lisbon, "Copper Bullet," explaining why he misdirected her to try to keep her safe during an operation

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