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"They'll shoot you just to see if the gun works."
— NYPD Detective (Attributed), Red Mafiya

"In America, it is 'survival of the fittest'. I'm fittest."
Fyodor Chevchenko, Third Watch ("Crash and Burn")

"Now, all my life, I've been told to fear the Russkies. But I ain't never even met one. Then the Wall come down and we all supposed to be friends. Five minutes later my cousin gets laid out by some Russkie fresh off the boat."

"It was said that when the Soviet Union collapsed, the Italians sent a few guys over to Moscow to assess the potential for muscling in on the emerging market. They took one look at what was happening on the streets and went straight back home. Unfortunately, the Russians followed them back, joining the Odessa Mafia that had been operating in Brighton Beach since the midseventies, and now the Italians sometimes seemed almost quaint by comparison with the new arrivals. It was kind of ironic, I thought, that what ultimately brought the Russians to our door was not communism, but capitalism. Joe McCarthy must have been turning in his grave."


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