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Ben: How am I not supposed to take offence to that? What am I, a liability?
Lee: ...
Ben: Great. Just great. Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence.

Take a load off Annie, take a load for free
Take a load off Annie, And (and) (and)
you can put the load right on me"
The Band, "The Weight"

"Just act stupid, Jamie. Do you think you can manage that?"
Second Doctor, Doctor Who ("The Dominators")

"I've leaked nothing! Other than accidentally, obviously."
Robyn, The Thick of It

"You're a constipator, Peanut. You disturb my shit and that's annoying."
Rube to George, Dead Like Me

"This is unbelievable. Can't cook, won't bathe, and now she's narcoleptic. She's a triple threat."

Lt. 'Doc': Put him into a B-29 over Japan, and you know what you'd have?
Doug Roberts: No I don't, Doctor.
Doc: You'd have Pulver, the Congressional Medal of Honor winner. Pulver, who single-handedly shot down twenty-three attacking Zeros! Pulver who, with his bare hands, held together the severed wing struts of his plane! And with his bare feet, successfully landed his mortally wounded plane on his home field! Reflex. It's like the knee jerk. Strike the patella tendon in any human being, you produce the knee jerk. Look: [Doc hits Pulver in the knee and nothing happens]
Ensign Pulver: What's the matter, Doc?
Doc: ...Nothing. But stay out of B-29s, Frank, my boy.
Mister Roberts (1955)

Computer: May I remind you, Sgt. Pinback, it was your idea to bring the alien on board in the first place. If I may quote you, you said the ship needed a mascot.
Sgt. Pinback: Awwwwww, I gotta do everything around here!

"Traveling with Elan is kind of like, say, adventuring with syphilis. It can be done, for a while, but it's not easy and it's not pretty."
Roy Greenhilt, The Order of the Stick

"I had met Lupino only once. The gangster ran all his rackets through his right-hand man, Vinnie Gognitti. Gognitti was a highstrung whiner on the verge of breaking apart like an overamped Energizer bunny. He had the brains to run the business, but he lacked the balls—always falling short."

"You remember what daddy always said. That God gave you a big sister instead of a brain."
Meredith (to Flint), Heroes

Anderson Cooper: If you had to do it over again, would you have her on the ticket?
Steve Schmidt: You don't get to go back in time, Anderson, and have do-overs in life.

"Are you sure you want Fluttershy to come along? I mean, that pony is afraid of her own shadow. She's just going to slow us down."

Damian: Uh, I know I shouldn't say this...
Su-In Cha: Yeah, my stupid brother is the burden of this group...

[during a training simulation]
Jeffords: Scully, I want you to do nothing. Just stand next to me and say, "Yes Sarge."
Scully: Okay, Sarge.
Jeffords: C'mon, man.


"In the 1940s, the Golden Age of comics defined the modern superhero. Great men and women of unwavering morality and courage! Unfortunately, they were all accompanied by half-naked children, ethnic stereotypes, the morbidly obese and idiots who split their time between getting captured and slipping on banana peels."

"All he does is follow Quaid around and be... funny? I think this is supposed to be funny."
The Nostalgia Chick, on the Monk character in Dragonheart

"For a start, the film features an actual adventuring party of actual character classes...Even better, they behave as you would: The Rogue has an entire scene dedicated to him detecting and disabling traps, while the Cleric dies just when he's needed the most, just like a real game of D&D."

"This is Final Fantasy VIII's only optional dungeon, and it has the potential to be a doozy. Don't listen to a single goddamn word Zell says unless you feel like spending three hours instead of three minutes getting to the bottom. This is something I had to learn the hard way."

"So, Edward Carnby from the very first Alone in the Dark is somehow still alive... He gets joined by a female sidekick who SWEEPS the Horrible Game Character Awards, taking:"

Most Obviously Crowbarred-in Love Interest
Most Irritating
Least Useful to Gameplay
Least Necessary to Plot

and Lifetime Achievement.

"Perhaps the crowning moment of her hideousness is when she nearly dies and the game forces you to press a button sequence in order to revive her with CPR — although the spiteful cow never actually dies, no matter how many times you deliberately fuck up."

"Roger tags along with Eddie, but he's absolutely useless for everything except being a load, where random birds can abduct him and cost you a life out of guilt. Doom's weasels will also butt in to kidnap Roger, where you're forced into a mini-quiz where you need to answer a bad pun....The pun answers are mostly obvious, nothing remotely on the level as Monkey Island's insult swordfighting responses, but you'll get sick of these after the first one with how commonly the dang weasels accost you."

"It is bizarre how well Adric fits with Tom Baker's Doctor as he was originally envisaged, the cheeky monkey who would get a clout around the ear by the most acerbic of Doctors. It was when he was partnered with Davison's moderate Doctor where things started to go very wrong, because suddenly Adric felt as though he could throw his weight around and betray the Doctor on a whim and still hop back in the TARDIS at the end of every adventure. He wouldn't try any of that shit with Tom Baker's sizeable incarnation or he would get a smack and a boot out of the TARDIS into the vortex."

"First they ran out of Red Shirts, and now the writers of The Walking Dead are fresh out of Convenient Burdens, too. Don't mistake the two: Red Shirts are entirely different from Convenient Burdens. Red Shirts are just disposable cannon fodder, while Convenient Burdens usually aren't even killed — they're just perpetually on the verge of it. And they make for bad storytelling because they're usually painfully transparent: The Convenient Burdens only exist as easy plot devices to put the group in trouble when shit gets boring."

"If a character only causes a problem, feels no remorse about it, and contributes nothing to the solution, he should invariably get eaten by a dinosaur."
The Mysterious Mr. Enter on Old Man McGucket in Gravity Falls

Real Life

"Ah, damn...ah, son of a bitch...just that realization that I have to live with you for the rest of the game."
Arin Hanson, Shovel Knight Co-Op: Daggering Away - PART 13 - Game Grumps

"So sparing you all the painful details of how I literally spent the entire day working on the dumb project by myself... no, you know what? Not even by myself! My team was literally tripping me up, making me end up doing more work than if I just did it completely on my own! And you know how I kept saying that I was really busy during the week with other things? Yeah, I meant busy as in every single day leading up to that Friday, I had a major final exam for a different class to do! You guys suck!"
Jaiden Animations, My Horrible Nightmare Group Project


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