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Nala: You must have really cared about me to hang on for that long.
Simba: I... I guess I do. You are my best friend, after all. I'll always take care of you.
King's Ransom, summarising the extent of Simba's love for Nala.

Tara: Shut... up... you... prep!
(Tara's guts explode over Simba, Nala and Haiba.)
Nala: Oh... gosh!
(Haiba wipes a fragment of intestine from his muzzle.)
Haiba: Oh, man! That is the second most disgusting thing I've ever had in my mouth!
(Simba fiddles around with his mouth.)
Simba: I think I've just swallowed something...
Haiba: You sure it wasn't her kidney?
Simba: Yeah, I think it was her kidney.
— Some Bloody Hilarious Body Horror from My Immortal.

Haiba: Quiet, infidel, or I might just have to administer the Kiss of Death!
Simba: Please, no! Anything but that!
— A Brainwashed and Crazy Haiba in The Blood Line.

Nala: I hate sandstorms. They're really... sandy.
Nala playing the role of Captain Obvious in The Curse of Death.

The Interceptor: Oh, I'm so scared of your girly little nails!
The Interceptor at his snarky best in The Message.

Hago: You can't escape us now.
Zazu: Actually, I could always fly away.
Simba: And leave us behind? You chicken!
Zazu: When things get very serious, I look out for my own best interests. In a situation like this, I find you very irrelevant.
Nala: You are a chicken! You'd leave us to die just so you could save yourself?
Zazu: I'd love to say no, but unfortunately the answer is yes.
— Zazu showing how much of a Dirty Coward he can be in Zazu's in Charge.

Haiba: Nala! Just the pussy I've been looking for!
Haiba in Changes poses a very interesting question here: Does This Remind You of Anything?

Nala: Have you got the oranges?
Simba: No, it's just the way my tail pokes out.
— A well-placed Double Entendre in Dead as a Dodo.

Haiba: I'm so hot, I'm cool! And I'm so cool, I'm hot!
Haiba, The Blood Line

Death: Kufa inawadia.
Death, Darkness Falls

Nala: Mom, how far is it?
Nala, Friend Like Me. The first ever line of dialogue in the series.

Death: It was all me, Simba! I've been laying traps for you all along – ready to bring you to this exact moment! It's brilliant! It's ingenious! Better than when I burned down FernGully! Better than when I crushed the Powerpuff Girls! Better than ripping the heads off of all those annoying, colourful ponies who don't ever shut the hell up!
Death, Darkness Falls. Not a brony.

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