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Crowley: What's all this about? Build a big boat and fill it with a traveling zoo?
Aziraphale: From what I hear, God's a bit tetchy. Wiping out the human race. Big storm.
Crowley: All of them?
Aziraphale: Just the locals. I don't believe the Almighty's upset with the Chinese. Or the Native Americans. Or the Australians.
Crowley: Yet.
Aziraphale: And God's not actually going to wipe out all the locals. I mean, Noah, up there, his family, and his sons, their wives, they're all going to be fine.
Crowley: But they're drowning everybody else? Not the kids? You can't kill kids.
Aziraphale: Mm-hmm.
Crowley: Well, that's more the kind of thing you'd expect my lot to do.
Aziraphale: Yes, but when it's done, the Almighty's going to put up a new thing, called a "rain bow", as a promise not to drown everyone again.
Crowley: How kind.

At this point, some of you may be thinking: Hey, a guy escapes a big flood and floats to safety while the rest of the wicked human race drowns. Wasn't there another story like that? Some dude named Noah?

Yeah, well, every ancient culture seems to have a flood story. I guess it was a pretty massive disaster. Different people remembered it different ways. Maybe Noah and Deucalion passed each other on the sea, and Deucalion was like, "An ark! Two animals of every kind! Why didn't we think of that?"

And his wife Pyrrha would be like, "Because they wouldn't fit in this chest, ya moron!"

But I'm just guessing.
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