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Quotes / The Force Awakens

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"Chewie... We're home."
Han Solo

Poe Dameron: Hey, what's your name?
FN-2187 FN-2187!
Poe: FN - what?!
Poe: Well I ain't using it. "FN", huh? Finn. I'm gonna call you Finn! That all right?
Finn: "Finn". Yeah! Finn, I like that! I like that.
Poe: I'm Poe. Poe Dameron.
Finn: Good to meet you, Poe!
Poe: Good to meet you too, Finn!

Supreme Leader Snoke: There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?
Kylo Ren: ... Yes.
Snoke: There is something more. The droid we seek is aboard the Millennium Falcon, in the hands of your father, Han Solo.
Kylo: He means nothing to me.
Snoke: Even you, Master of the Knights of Ren, have never faced such a test.
Kylo: By the grace of your training, I will not be seduced.
Snoke: We shall see... we shall see...

Rey: The Jedi were real?
Han Solo: I used to wonder about that myself. I thought it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo. A magical power holding together good and evil, the dark side and light? The crazy thing is... it's true. The Force. The Jedi. All of it. It's all true.

"Forgive me. I feel it again... the pull to the light. The Supreme Leader senses it. Show me again, the power of the darkness, and I'll let nothing stand in our way. Show me, grandfather, and I will finish what you started."
Kylo Ren

"If you live long enough, you see the same eyes in different people."
Maz Kanata

"Rey... these are your first steps."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, in Rey's Force vision

"You... you're afraid... that you will never be as strong as Darth Vader!"
Rey, to Kylo Ren

FN-2199note 's only (and memetic) line

Rey: Is that even possible?
Han Solo: I never ask that question until after I've done it.
Rey and Han, on the question of taking off from a closed hangar at lightspeed


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