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Quotes about the movie

"The Emoji Movie is one of, if not, the worst animated feature that came from an major animation studio that contains some of the worst writing that blatantly steals plot lines of other films and includes such hateable characters in a way that feels massively unpleasant. (…) Please, by any means necessary, do not go watch this film at all! It's so bad it even surpasses enjoyably bad like The Room."
AniMat right before giving the film the "AniMat Seal of Garbage"

"Toy Story was visionary, Inside Out was a true original, and Wreck-It Ralph was still pretty good. But now, the 'secret world under our own'-premise ends up like Taco Bell through a human centipede in: The Emoji Movie!"

Starring: the following actual quotes from reviews of this movie.
"This toxic piece of kiddie trash isn't worth the pixels" - Timeout
"Hear that? It's the end of the world." - NY Post
"A viewer leaves The Emoji Movie a colder person, not only angry at the film for being unconscionably bad, but resentful of it for making them feel angry." - The Guardian
"The poop jokes are minimal." - AP News''

"How do you even begin to criticize that which in and of itself is an idea so terrible that even the most talented directors and writers would struggle to make this even remotely possible?"

"I didn’t expect much from a movie about LEGOS, and that ended up being amazing! I didn’t expect much from a movie about emojis, and... suffice to say, lightning did not strike twice."
Sean Moore’s introduction of his 3rd bottom movie of the year.

"This is not a deep message about emotional repression. Sony said this, because they know that’s exactly what the generation wanted to hear. No challenge whatsoever, just pandering. This is the most sinister experiment Sony has ever made. When they finally realize they can make absolute food trough pig trash as long as it has a popular culture reference to it, and it would still somehow sell enough to make a profit. Please, I implore you, don’t see this movie."

"This is where we're at, people! Sony has gone and made the most unnecessary movie I've seen in years! A fucking movie about emojis! And I went and saw it and paid money!"

"This movie was crap."
"The crap was the only good part."
Youtube Commenters