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Quotes / The Dreaded Dreadnought

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"Nog, listen to me. We're in way over our heads here. Someone told me that ship out there is twice the size of a Galaxy-class starship and three times as strong!"
"That's accurate."
"And you really think we can go up against a ship like that?!"
Jake Sisko and Ensign Nog, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ("Valiant")

"Tactical analysis, Mister Worf?"
"Fifty two disruptor banks, twenty seven photon torpedo bays, primary and secondary shielding."
"She's a predator..."
Captain Picard and Worf, Star Trek: Nemesis

"Tell me everything you know about that ship."
"Dreadnought-class. Two times the size, three times the speed. Advanced weaponry. Modified for a minimal crew. Unlike most Federation vessels, it's built solely for combat."
Captain Kirk and John Harrison (aka Khan Noonien Singh), Star Trek Into Darkness

"Imagine a ship newer and more advanced than mine, with more and bigger weapons and almost as large as a Home. That's what we face, combined with the Grik armada. There's no way we can stand against it. Not here, not with what we have."
Captain Reddy, Destroyermen ("Crusade")

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