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...So the Draka are not different from other people because we violate the Golden Rule, or Bentham's derivative idolatry of 'the greatest good for the greatest number.' Everyone does. We do not violate them, we reject them.

Others have conquered and ruled; we alone conquer for conquest's sake, and dominate for no other purpose than Domination itself; the name we half-consciously chose for our state is no accident. We, and we alone, have spoken aloud the great secret: that the root function of all human society is the production and reproduction of power - and that power is the ability to compel others to do your will, against theirs. It is end, not means. The purpose of power is power.

The Draka will conquer the world for two reasons; because we must and because we can. And yet of the two forces the second is the greater; we do this because we choose to do it. By the sovereign Will and force of arms the Draka will rule the Earth, and in so doing remake themselves. We shall conquer and beat the Nations of the Earth into the dust and reforge them in our self wrought Image; the Final Society, a new humanity without weakness or mercy, hard and pure. Our descendants will walk the hillside of that future, innocent beneath the stars, with no more between them and their naked will than a wolf has. THEN there will be Gods in the Earth.
Elvira Naldorssen

But revulsion could never be unalloyed. Savagery and depravity, yes. An icy concentration on the means of power that both awed and disgusted me; so much human energy and intelligence, wasted. Yet. unwillingly. I also had to concede the Domination's accomplishments. Far too many humane and rational men had neglected and despised military power, and left us helpless before totalitarian aggression. The Draka were never helpless; not simply because they were militarists, but because they refused to delude themselves to avoid effort and pain. Their aristocrats were mostly honest and honorable men by their own standards; however brutal and regressive their code, they lived by it, worked for it, were ready to die for it. They dreamed grandly, and accomplished much: if their serfs were so much machinery, so many work-animals to them, then they were carefully tended machinery and well-kept animals. There is no substitute for freedom; I kept my faith that we would solve our problems through it but I was sometimes uneasily aware that there were some in the US — share-croppers, slumdwellers, the peons of the Guatemalan coffee fincas — who might have been willing to change places for the assurance of food and medicine and a roof. Nor was all of the surplus squeezed from the workers spent on war and repression and luxury. The Draka truly loved beauty and hated ugliness and vulgarity and waste. Much that they built and made had a haunting loveliness. In the end only this was certain: these were not my people, and I wanted to go home...
William A. Dreiser

Pray to your God for rewards in the afterlife, or hope that the Yankees will come and rescue you, as you please...but on this Earth, and in this time, obey. You've all been here long enough to learn a little about the Draka; I'll add to it. Think on the fact that we have never lost a war or given up an inch of earth once we possessed it.
Tanya von Shrakenberg

Remember this; there is always some order that won’t be obeyed. Either don’t give it, or be prepared to kill.
Tanya von Shrakenberg

I'm not human, but my ancestors were, and what they dreamed, we are.
Gwendolyn Ingolfsson

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