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Dragonslayers? Pah, any fool can call himself a dragonslayer. Most get themselves killed within a few days, which is probably for the best. No, the real skill isn't in walking into a dragon's cave and challenging it to a duel — it's in tracking it across a hundred miles of wilderness, sneaking up close and killing it before it even knows you're there.
Deirdre Firewalker, dragonstalker, Dungeons & Dragons: Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons

"Of all the titles that the brave may aspire too none are as honoured amidst the races of the Old World, or as rare, as that of 'Dragon Slayer', and with good cause. Dragons are nearly unkillable; their iron hides can deflect even the mightiest weapons. Sigmar himself, wielding Ghal-Maraz, only managed to wound the Great Wyrm, Abraxas. Should a hero actually manage to land a killing blow then he still he must contend with the beast's spite, for all Dragons would fane take their slayers with them into Morr's realm."
Axel Wissenburg, Wandering Minstrel, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Old World Bestiary — A Compendium of Creatures Fair and Foul



"Ahh, dragon slaying. Knighthood's highest calling..."
Hawkeye Gough, Dark Souls


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