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The infamous 'Battle of the Bulge' in France during winter must have been a particular horror for barely trained eighteen-year-old soldiers. Later, I was shown some of Sibley's letters. The army with its unerring gift for placing people where they would be least useful and most vulnerable had made the nearly blind Sibley a scout. His reported adventures began when his only pair of glasses was broken and the army's difficulty in supplying him with a new pair reduced his utility as a scout in freezing weather... It is my impression that the so-called 'best and brightest' were routinely killed off which might explain the notoriously low level of those now in political life and, to be fair, in the arts as well.
Gore Vidal, Point to Point Navigation

Let's just get this out of the way: As a whole, our society is horrible at getting human beings into the jobs they're most suited for. Look around you — you'll find yourself under managers who shouldn't even be trusted to manage a stuffed animal tea party, and you'll meet brilliant creative minds who are stuck spinning signs while dressed as Little Caesar.
Cracked, "6 Ways You're About to Get Screwed by the Job Market"

You would think there is a higher bar than having a Facebook page to run for president.
Bill Maher on 2008 U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin

OOC: Why was Balls hired, anyway?
Jay: [Vince McMahon voice] "Bah, ECW, he's an alum grumble grumble he's an original, Teh Originator!" I don't fuckin' know. 'Cause he was pickin' the garbage and he agreed to work for 20 quid or something.
V1: A ham sandwich.
Jay: Talentless.
OSW Review on ECW One Night Stand 2006

Folks, I could go on and on about how Art’s knowledge of the product was less-than-nil. I could belabor how his “Grampa Simpson” style of delivery piped up with some bit of nonsense just often enough to remind you he was there, while at the same time, chasing all other cohesive thoughts from your mind. I could raise the concern that his repeated inquiries of 'Did dat really hurt ‘im?' didn’t do any favors for us on the suspension-of-disbelief front. Or I could just point to the below example that every time the camera showed Art, he just generally looked befuddled as hell.
Wrestlecrap, "Art Donovan - Man of a Thousand Questions. And They Were all, "How Must Does This Guy Weigh?""

Somehow, Square Enix concluded the most suitable recipient of Final Fantasy XII's executive producer reins was a man who has pretty much been quoted as saying "yeah, I'm aware that the games I've made have never been, you know...good.

Look, I know we go on and on about the various celebrities and media outlets who continue to attach themselves to Richardson, but no matter how loudly people scream about what a terrible, shitball of a human being he is, there seems to be no shortage of famous people who are willing to laugh it off and gleefully pose in his terrible photos...I have shot better pictures of my feet accidentally while I was drunk. COME ON.


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