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Annie: Well, sounds like you've got it all figured out so why are you talking to me about it?
Jeff: Because you're, y'know...
Annie: A decent person?
Jeff: Maybe.
Annie: And you knew that talking to me about it would make you feel like a bad friend? And you wanted to feel like a bad friend because you want to be a good friend?
Jeff: You really suck, you know that?

"A conscience is that still small voice that people don't listen to! That's just the trouble with the world today!"
Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio

Gumball: “I thought you came here to help me!”
Darwin: “Yeah, to help you realize you’re wrong!”
- The Amazing World of Gumball, The Best

"I bet Taylor didn't like that." I spoke into the void as I smoothed out a long, adhesive bandage along her ribs.
"She almost dropped everything to save the hostages," Lisa agreed. "She's a good person, you know? It sucks having a voice of conscience around sometimes, but then sometimes it helps."
— The Worm fic It is Dark

Twelfth Doctor: This is Clara. She's not my assistant, some other word.
Clara: I'm his carer.
Twelfth Doctor: Yeah, my carer. She cares so I don't have to.
Doctor Who "Into the Dalek"


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