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"You can always tell a lazy Robin Williams movie by the unavoidable scene in which he does a lot of different voices and characters... All right, already. We know he can do this; we've seen him do it in a dozen movies and on a hundred talk shows. He's getting to be like the goofy uncle who knows one corny parlor trick and insists on performing it at every family gathering."
Roger Ebert's review of Father's Day

"Did you know that Simmons was already trained in music before he took this role? Not much of a challenge, if you ask me. Have him play Jackie Robinson. Now that's an Oscar-worthy stretch...FACT: Actors enjoy being in musicals 100 times more than you enjoy watching them in musicals. It's like filming an updated resume for them."

"When the Doctor turns up on stage looking like a complete clown, it pretty much summed up my feelings towards his characterisation in this installment....I thought Voyager was his home and his family, and just because this race of Munchkins revere his singing, he finds that a good enough reason enough to ditch everybody who gave him a chance to express himself? It's such shallow, surface characterisation that even [Robert] Picardo cannot salvage it."
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Virtuoso"

Hey, those TNA numbers are going down. That’s no good! So with things falling off a cliff, I bet the crew down in Orlando came up with a humdinger of an opening segment to grab viewers by the short and curlies.

Well, we got Eric Bischoff playing an acoustic guitar.

Does that count?

"The movie is proud to tell us that Richard Gere does his own coronet solos (they must mention it five times in the trailers and in the opening credits). Don’t quit your day job Richard, a second year player could doodle out what you were doing in the movie."

"Oh, no joke or anything, I was in Penzance as the main police officer and it's rare for me to get a chance to sing the music, so I'm just indulging myself."
Linkara, after singing "A Policeman's Lot" in his review of Treehouse of Horror #2

"I've been very lucky, because wherever I work. I get to sing songs: I don't know why, it just happens. I do it in Maid Marion, I played a singer in Runaway Bay, and in Red Dwarf I got to do it, so in nearly every major TV series I've done, I've sung. Even when I did Jackanory I did a rap."
Danny John-Jules, Red Dwarf Smegazine

"Because if you're going to cast someone in your movie who’s really good at a particular thing, you might as well have her do the thing."

"They finally gave Abby "Smash Ultimate Theme" Trott an excuse to sing!"
storygirl000, on the Carmen Sandiego episode "The Daisho Caper"


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