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Bozo the Clown: We had fun today. But now, It's time for the Grand March! So, Audience, Follow Me! (Blows his whistle) (To the viewers) Goodbye! (We see audience exiting on stage as the credits rolls)
— The Every Episode Ending on The Bozo Show.

Bozo the Clown: You can find this book at the Chicago Public Library, Or of course: At your local library or book stores. Remember, Kids: Reading is fun.
— The conclusion phrase from Bozo's Book of the Week.

Bozo the Clown: Wow! And I gotta tell ya, they're a great cast of thousands too. Good Morning!
— The first words Bozo says at the beginning of every episode after he's introduced.

Announcer: From Chicago, The Bozo Show is on the air! Staring Bozo; the worlds most famous clown! Our cooky cook, Cooky! The maestro of musical magic, Professor Andy! It's Chicago's craziest hour for kids of all ages. With plenty of surprises, and the grandest game of all. The Grand Prize Game! The Bozo Show! Featuring a cast of thousands! And now heeeeere's Bozo!
— The opening announcement to the Bozo Show

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