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"Your skills are a gift of the Omnissiah. Create nothing with your hands and mind that you do not believe to be useful. Or beautiful. Or lethal."
Reverend Fabricator Ghanak, Warhammer 40,000

"People say I'm making gold off of other people's misery, but what else would I do? Smithing is all I know. Next time one of my shields deflects a killing blow, they'll change their tune."

Wreathed in smoke and flames, this blacksmith often toils for darker masters, outfitting soldiers and building deathtraps. Once, perhaps, he aspired to something better - a prince's commission or a place in the Imperial Court. Somewhere along the road, the artisan fell from grace; he may have been frustrated by a lack of skill; beaten down by disaster; or betrayed by a rival. Maybe he was corrupt all along, and simply petitioned demons for abilities or rewards he couldn't earn on his own. Now he bends raw matter with Infernal might, shaping it with hammer, fire and arcane Arts. Sometimes he binds souls into the metal or traps spirits and lesser demons in the work, creating mad Talismans that scream when they're employed. If he's particularly subtle, he might even cast weapons for the Order of Reason, concealing his true allegiance. Either way, he's a product of his age, a master of old Black Magick and new inventions.

"A sharper sword, a stronger shield. Anything to prolong a soldier's life."
The Ancestor, Darkest Dungeon


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