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"Days are sunny,
Working hard for lots of money,
Filled with people smart and funny,
Filled with people rich and happy.
Who says, 'Lonely at the top?'
I say, 'Let it never stop!'
It's my time coming through,
All my dreams coming true,
Gorgeous house, gorgeous wife,
Who wants any more from life?"
Frank, Merrily We Roll Along, "Rich and Happy"

If I could write the beauty of your eyes,
And in fresh numbers number all your graces,
The age to come would say "This poet lies;
Such heavenly touches ne'er touched earthly faces.
William Shakespeare - Sonnet 17

"Rich 50 is middle class 35."

...they get two free pips in Appearance (name one ugly Senshi or Tuxedo. You can't. So there.)"
Senshi: The Merchandising regarding Sailor Moon characters.

...we have the satisfaction of knowing that her sorrows are wept into embroidered pocket-handkerchiefs, that her fainting form reclines on the very best upholstery, and that whatever vicissitudes she may undergo, from being dashed out of her carriage to having her head shaved in a fever, she comes out of them all with a complexion more blooming and locks more redundant than ever.

The form was of a man, but no mortal man ever wore such an aspect of inhuman beauty. There was an unmistakable resemblance between him and the youth who dropped lifeless in his chains, but the alloy of humanity that softened the godliness of the youth was lacking in the features of the stranger, awful and immobile in their beauty.

Chris: Yeah. Uzi... I’m starting to think Erica Durance might not be that great an actress.
David: Pretty much nobody on this show is, except for poor Michael Ironside.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Ambush")

This world of eternal spring, where silk rustled, where only sculpted trees grew, and where clay covered itself with artistic paintings, this world had its special populace. Its proper citizens were princesses and princes, counts and countesses or very old and very affluent aristocracy of both sexes. This whole society, between which there moved finely-dressed butlers, lady companions, poor cousins and cousins who hungered for higher stations, this whole society had an eternal holiday.
—The narrator, The Doll

I have never known a show with such an attractive cast that are made to seem so ugly with such loathsome characterisation.

It's an interesting note that 99.9% of the people I see in this Argentinean high school are white, over the age of 25, and all attractive. There appear to be no native citizens of Buenos Aires here at all, and everyone here has become the physical ideal of human beauty, and everyone speaks English...clearly America has invaded Argentina and put all the citizenry to death, populating the country primarily with Caucasian runway models.

Bella, having recently given birth to Renesmee, emerges from her post-delivery stupor having also been turned into a vampire. And, save for the fact that she now resembles an airbrushed Photoshop model with red eyes, everything's pretty much fine.

A Kardashian saying, “I am plastic-free,” is like a Duggar saying, “I don’t want children.” Being plastic-free goes against all of Pimp Mama Kris’ beliefs and if Khloe was truly all-organic, we’d know it, because she’d be banished to the dungeon where Rob Kardashian is. PMK would never even let Khloe sit next to her at a dining table if she didn’t smell like a mixture of burnt plastic and new car. “What’s that disgusting smell? Khloe, you smell human! I can’t even enjoy my dinner of Lucifer’s blood with you smelling like that!”
Michael K., "Silicone, fillers and extra chunky LIES"

It’s one of those days where impossibly beautiful people are everywhere, like an infestation of flying ants... It just makes you want to smash your awful face against the breakwater until all the bones are sticking out like toothpicks in a Christingle orange, and then politely ask them if they’ve got the time, dripping burst eyeball-fluid all over their chicken wraps until they all run away screaming and leave you alone on the beach, like the Quasimodo freak in the tower summer makes of you when it shines a light on the world and all its corners
Stuart Millard, The Beach Diaries

Beauty, my dear Vermillion, true beauty does not occur without work. Without transformation. And only such beauty, created through great effort is worth preserving. The pyramids of Egypt. The Sistine Chapel. Beethoven's Fifth. All required time, work, and sacrifice, not only to create but also to be worthy of the immortality they have achieved. The wonders of nature, mountains and oceans, flora and fauna, only came to be through the violence and change of geology and evolution. A person's beauty is no different. It must be forged, worked on, sacrificed for, and only those who are willing, who give themselves over completely, who pay the highest price are worthy of being preserved for all time.
Doctor Talby, An Unattractive Vampire by Jim McDoniel


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