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"I'm pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe."
Sarah Kerrigan, Starcraft: Brood War

White Mage: There is no point in denying it any longer. I am White Mage, a destroyer of worlds!
Black Mage: That is so hot. My girlfriend is an Armageddon factory.

"I don't know whether to open fire or fall in love!"
Security Guard upon seeing Catwoman, Batman Returns

This girl's idea of spice is bella donna or deadly nightshade: she's poison! She's tempting, it's true, but her icy heart belongs to Mammon. A gold digger who will use your soul as the spade!
Batman Forever licensed game manual, on "Spice"

"I could tell when I was outgunned. It was time to take another beating. The mystery witch was a real barracuda, trouble on dagger-heels, a smoking Assault Rifle in her hand, and an army of killer suits behind her."
Max Payne on Nicole Horne


[ponders, shrugs] "Meh. I'd let Dyanne Thorne piss on my face."

There's something about a strange foreign woman with muscled henchmen on her flanks that makes me feel like Batman is about to get captured. I'm trying to remember who taught me that lesson...


You know the joke about how Cheetara walking around naked in the ThunderCats pilot was the genesis of Furries 15 years later? I’m pretty sure you can trace society’s acceptance of dominatrices directly to Batman ’66.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman: The Movie

I think people would pay good money to have this woman command them in this sort of manner but with an entirely different emphasis.
Joe Ford on Dr. Klein, Big Finish Doctor Who (UNIT Dominion)

One of the villains was Vipra who was sort of like Catra from She-Ra But instead of being an extremely hot cat woman who purr-talked, Vipra was an extremely hot snake woman who hiss-talked. You’re probably assuming that Vipra’s power was the ability to stun bitches with her sexiness, huge chichis and charisma, and you’re soooort of right. Vipra could hypnotize tricks and put them in a state I like to call “me on a Friday night.”
Michael K., "BraveStarr lasted one season, because the creators made the major mistake of not naming the show VipraStarr"

"There’s no shortage of leather-clad bad girls in videogames these days, but they all owe a little something to this enterprising villainess. She paved the way for the women of the future. Like a suffragette... except that comparison is grossly inappropriate."

"Elexis is something of a latex-wearing boobs on legs who talks like she's operating a phone sex hotline."
gggmanlives on SiN


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