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Quotes / The Anti-Grinch

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Mayor of the Universe: As mayor of the universe, I award See-Sea Cuckooblocks as the biggest lover of Christmas in all the Galaxies. Your love of this holiday is unrivaled by… anyone!
See-Sea Cuckooblocks: Thank you all so much for this award. I’m very flattered by it. It is so wonderful to know that no one in the entire solar system anywhere else loves Christmas as much as I. [A series of loud crashes goes off in the distance. Everyone notices it.] What was that?
Mayor of the Universe: Well, it sounds like the light barrier being broken… and the speed of time being warped… and every conceivable ozone layer being shattered!. [The Nostalgia Critic appears, having traveled all this way and floating into view.]
Nostalgia Critic: CHRIIIIIIIISMAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! [A bright flash goes off, engulfing everything. The light recedes. The whole planet, along with everybody on it, was destroyed, leaving the Nostalgia Critic as the only one there. He clears his throat.] I win.

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