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Quotes / The Acts of Caine

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Keep your head down and inch towards daylight.
Duncan Michaelson

My will, or I won't.
Cainist creed

"Two things I do," she repeated. She touched her cheek below the brown eye. "Forgiveness." She moved the hand to the ice-milk side. "Permission."
"Forgiveness and permission? Forgiveness and permission for what?"
"It's not complicated. Forgiveness for everything bad that's happened to you. Permission to be who you are. Everything else is..." She shrugged. "Else."
Caine and the horse-witch

Rule One: Fuck with me and you die. This is your only warning.
Rule Two: What I say goes. Break Rule Two, you get hurt. Break it again, you die. Again, this is your only warning.
Rule Three: Fuck with my family or my friends, and you're fucking with me. When in doubt, see Rule One.
Caine's Three Rules

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