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    Comic Books 
All that stuff in my head about Krypton blowing up... mom and dad and... everything... gone... it really wasn't a dream.
Supergirl, Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes, #23

    Fan Works 

Asuka didn’t want to open her eyes. She was warm, comfortable, and had been having some really nice dreams all night long. When was the last time she’d had a dream involving sex that she’d liked? …wait, she didn’t have those kind of dreams. She hadn’t had a good sex dream since before the Third Impact, and even that one had involved the Third Child too. She just had her constant bodyguard of nightmares… except for yesterday night. She hadn’t had any dreams then. So where had a dream of all-night marathon sex come fro-…
Asuka’s eyes snapped completely open. ‘Oh. Oh Gott. That wasn’t a dream.’

Morning had just begin to grey they pre-dawn skies when Shinji woke. He blinked blearily as he brushed strands of long red hair out of his face and wondered why his bed felt strange and he had some sort of weight on his chest. His eyes bugged wide as memory rushed in. 'Oh gods... that wasn't a dream?' He looked down without moving his head to confirm that, yes, the Second Child was wrapped firmly around him and using his chest for a pillow, smiling faintly in her sleep. 'Nope, that was really real. Oh gods...
(shortly after)
Oh, that sounds nice. I hate being lonely. Are they talking to me?' she mused drowsily. Wait, she knew that voice. She'd never heard it so soft or close before last night, though... Her eye not pressed into the sheets snapped open. 'Oh. Oh holy shit. That was real. We...' She could see the familiar back of the Third Child walking out of her room. Away from her bed. Where they'd spent the night... together. Eep.
Shinji and Asuka the next morning after their First Kiss and sleeping together for first time, Advice and Trust, chapter 2

Shinji: Asuka... Did you really said 'yes'... Or was I dreaming?
Asuka: What do you think?
Shinji: ... If I was dreamming... Will you let me go on believing it was real?
Asuka: For the rest of my life...
Evangelion 303, chapter 14, page 13

He thought he was dreaming. He had to be for Asuka to have come in his room in the middle of the night. He'd had dreams like this before. The next she would do was was put a hand down the front of his pants and start to… followed by her mouth…
But when he did feel her hand it was on his shoulder. "Hey, Shinji, are you awake?"
There was a part of him that wanted to ignore her, hoping she would do what she always did in his dream, but as he rolled the words in his head he picked up on something that was never in the dream before.
“Y-yes,” he replied as he rolled over to Asuka, who indeed sat on the edge of his bed. He could barely see her in the darkness, but the tone of her voice was awkward. Also not like in his dream, her hair was tousled and he thought he could smell sweat.
And then, like a bucket of cold water, it hit him—he was an idiot and this was no dream.

"It wasn't a dream."
Asuka, The One I Love Is, chapter 9

Asuka: "Wake up. Wake up!"
It was definitely not the nicest way of being pulled from his slumber. A sweet kiss was much more favorable than being shaken and yelled at.
Asuka: "WAKE UP!"
Shinji: "Asuka?" Shinji mumbled, trying to force his heavy eyelids open. "It's much too early..."
Asuka: "Tell me... tell me you remember!" she pleaded with an almost hysterical tone. "Tell me that it wasn't just a dream!"
The Second Try, chapter 10



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