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We are That Boss!
Yes we're all That Boss!
The one that you hate!
Because we are annoying!
We are That Boss!
Yes we're all That Boss!
Really frickin long
Or just breaks all the rules!
We are that Boss that you hate
We will grind you all up into paste!
One hit kill moves, Tedium Personified
Or just a massive spike in difficulty!
Takes too long to show weak points!
Mission failed, you have died, won't matter how much you've tried.
We're here to show you just what it means to fight with all your might.
Not meant to be this hard, but we are, so everyone better get ready!
— Sung to the tune of Super Smash Bros. Brawl's main theme

Video Games

Things you love to hate:
1. Models your lover thinks are cute
2. Athletes who are stronger than you
3. The Emperor Boss in this game

"I've been playing your game for months now! And I've already gotten you all the way up to Level 47! But that Bahamut boss is really tough. Slinky and I can't figure out how to beat him!"

"Do you wanna have a bad time? 'Cause if you take another step forward... you are REALLY not going to like what happens next."
Sans, Undertale



"It shoots fire from its mouth and bleeds acidic lava! Run for your pathetic lives!"
Red Mage, 8-Bit Theater #455

The End: You stand around in the open? I shoot you in the face.
The End: You try to hide?
Snake: I'ma tree I'ma tree I'ma tree...
The End: I shoot you in the face.
Snake: HOW
The End: You touch my parrot? Right in the face.
The End: And if I'm feeling a bit down...I say a prayer to the forest...
Snake: WHAT
The End: And THEN I shoot you in the face!


Web Original

It's a good thing Destro couldn't actually do this in the show, or the Joes' mission would be moot.
Sotenga on G.I. Joe (NES), Hardcore Gaming 101

The battle with Wily's UFO is marked as the toughest in the entire series, with even the devs and playtesters confessing to be unable to defeat him... The doctor appears in the air, launching hard-hitting, homing elemental balls of death and is naturally weak to the most convoluted and difficult to fire weapon in the arsenal, the Wild Coil.

In Baten Kaitos, there are some bosses that are harder than others. Some spoken about in hushed tones, and never at night. Bosses used to scare children into submission and fill the proud with terror. And of those bosses, one stands out above all the rest.
This is the Holoholobird.
Overrated Sage

Simply defeating the enemies in each area (and not bothering with them when they eventually respawn) more than suffices to keep you at a level comparable to your opponents, which makes Tales of Vesperia feel like one of those games designed to eliminate the need to grind. Then Gattuso shows up and you realize that isn’t the case at all.
Killa Penguin, in a post about Gattuso from Tales of Vesperia

Web Video

"2097: the number of deaths it takes to beat the first boss! ...It's like, you're naked in school, and you have to fight 1986 Mike Tyson."

"The kind of boss that once you beat you feel you really earned it, even though you may not have been all that close to losing, because you felt like you were a hair away from losing constantly. I'll say it: I respect Skeith. And fear him like I fear the Devil."

"Contrary to every swashbuckling tradition you've been led to believe, standing on top of a table is actually a detriment because you can't stab a guy downward; your sword goes right over his head. And the guy on the ground can just whack ya in the shins 'til you fall down. So that's the secret if fighting these guys; is to find lower ground and beat the shit out of them. And of course, this guy seems to know this, which is why he's not getting in range of my fuckin' sword and he's PRANCING AROUND LIKE A FAIRY with his hand over his head!"

ProZD: Man, this Poop Dragon fight's a pain in the ass.


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