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Quotes / Talking Your Way Out

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Admiral Oser: Space them... Use the portside access lock, it's closest. If he, [pointing to Miles] starts to talk, stop his tongue. It's his most dangerous organ.
Miles: Aren't you even going to have me chemically interrogated?
Oser: And contaminate my interrogators? The last thing I want is to give you rein to talk, to anyone... Whatever your planned speech, removing your air will neutralize it. You nearly convinced me.

"I commend your loyalty. It must be difficult to maintain for an officer like Crais... an officer on the edge and out of control. I have unconditional authority on a Gammak Base. Captain Crais will go to the Chair: to stop that, you'll have to kill me... and all my men. Are you prepared to do that? Do what you know in your hearts is the right thing: put Crais in the Chair."
Scorpius, Farscape

"You have to beat the player, not the game. There are some things you can't kill your way out of."
Quellcrist Falconer, Altered Carbon

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