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A corpse is a corpse, of course, of course.
And no one can talk to a corpse, of course.
But I, of course
Can speak to a corpse
'cause I can speak with the Dead!
Twilight Sparkle, Under The Northern Lights

Penn: (at a set dressed as Harry Houdini's grave, to the headstone) Harry! Can you believe it? The same bullshit you so thoroughly debunked almost a century ago is continuing! And even enjoying a resurgence! (to camera) See? Anyone can talk to the dead! Getting an answer, that's the hard part.
Teller: (as Houdini, his face poking through the foam layer front of the headstone) Bullshit!

"Mr. Mallory, my name is Carl Winslow...and I'm a police officer. Well, actually, I guess you know who I am. But I came here today to get something off my chest, Mr. Mallory. You know, what happened...happened a year ago. But what happened...happens again and again in my mind. I close my eyes and I...I see that man...holding you. (chokes up) I see that...that gun...pressed against your head. And I see the fear on your face. But what I don't see, Mr. Mallory, is that one second, that one f... fraction of a second when I could have taken him down. It was there. I-It had to be there. If only I had seen it and done might be alive today, Mr. Mallory. (starts breaking down) But I missed. And I just want to say...that I'm so sorry, Mr. Mallory. I am so, very sorry."
Carl Winslow, Family Matters, "I Should Have Done Something"

"Tell me, Takada, one doctor to another, what is this horrid virus which caused your death?"

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