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Quotes / Talking Down the Suicidal

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"ASUKA! OPEN THE DOOR!!! PLEASE! DON'T DO THIS!!!! PLEASE! I... I..." (his voice trails off:) "...I'm sorry. Really. If you want to talk to someone, I'm here. I know how you feel... OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!"
Shinji, The Child of Love, chapter 5

Superman: A friend of mine many years ago took her own life. Every day was agony, and she decided one day that she knew...knew without question...That she would never have another happy day. And she well...I guess you could say that she checked out early. I understood. I didn't approve. Still don't. But I understood. If you honestly believe, in your heart of hearts, that you will never, ever have another happy day...Then step out into the air. I'll keep my promise and I won't stop you. But if you think there's a matter how small...That there might be just one more happy day out there...then take my hand.
The woman walks off of the ledge into Superman's arms.
Superman: It'll be all right. You're safe. You're safe.
(Formerly) Suicidal woman: Okay...Okay...Okay

Yaldabaoth: Do you truly intend to jump?
Girl: Huh!? Who are you!?
Yaldabaoth: My identity is of no consequence. Step away from the roof's edge.
Girl: What's the point!? My existence is worthless! I get poor grades, so I'm a burden to my parents! I spend all this extra time studying to try and make up for it, so all my friends have left me behind! And the boy I like doesn't even know I exist! Why shouldn't I end it all right now!?
Yaldabaoth: Do you truly believe that your loved ones would not be upset by your passing?
Girl: Huh?
Yaldabaoth: You believe you are a burden on your family. But would your death truly come as a relief to them? Do you believe your mother and father are completely without love for you? Were you to die, do you believe they would feel their lives had improved? Or is it more likely that they would be stricken with grief, agonizing over the loss of their daughter, blaming themselves for being failures as parents? Would not your death bring them immeasurable pain?
Girl: I... I don't- I didn't think of it like that.
Yaldabaoth: Leave this rooftop. Return to your family. Take comfort in their love. Your current situation is temporary. Your life will offer many opportunities for change. You may also find it beneficial for you to seek aid from a mental health professional.
Girl: Ok.


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