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Quotes / Tales of Graces

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[sound of victory fanfare]
Richard: I heard you like crab omelettes, Sophie.
Sophie: Yes, crablettes.
Pascal: I bet Richard gets to eat special royal crablettes.
Sophie: (perks up) Royal crablettes?
Richard: I'm afraid there's no such thing.
Sophie: (edging towards Richard and speaking in a zombie-like monotone) Royal crablettes, royal crablettes, royal crablettes...
Richard: (backing away off the edge of the screen) W-Wait, Sophie! Let's all calm down!
[Pascal tosses a cheery wave at the two as they disappear offscreen]

[sound of victory fanfare]
Pascal: Why the pigtails, Sophie?
Sophie: Pig... tails?
Pascal: Your hair, those!
Sophie: These? The Captain said they would let me fly through the air.
Pascal: Oh! I get it!

[sound of victory fanfare]
Hubert: Sometimes I can't see the value in fighting.
Cheria: Hubert...
Hubert: There's no profit in the enemies here! It's a waste of time!
Cheria: Hey!

[Sound of victory fanfare]
Asbel: Sometimes I can't help but regret the past...
Cheria: Asbel...
Cheria and Hubert: What...

[sound of victory fanfare]
Asbel: (victory with Hubert and Cheria in party) To Lhant's Triplets of Terror!
Asbel: You're both too cool for win quotes?
Cheria: (seemingly confused) I'm a triplet?
Asbel: Of course!
Cheria: (mock outrage) I am not your sister, Asbel!

[sound of victory fanfare]
Malik: Even in battle, it's important to pay your respects.
Sophie: 'K. (bows)
Asbel: No, not like that.
Sophie: (salutes) This?
Asbel: No, I... never mind.

[sound of victory fanfare]
Sophie: Pascal? What's an airhead?
Pascal: Someone who's so smart, they can control air with their mind!
Sophie: Wow! You're amazing!

[sound of victory fanfare]
Pascal: Sometimes I get lost in serious thought.
Cheria: About what?
Pascal: About how I could think more seriously about things.
Cheria: Oh brother.

Hubert: Tonight...we feast on dead seafood! Pow pow-pow! Beach Brigade, Sunscreen Rangers - Red!! (cue Imagine Spot of Hubert superimposed over the 'Red Ranger'.)
Sophie: (wanders on-screen) What are you doing?
Hubert: (snaps out of it) O-Oh! Sophie!
Sophie: What's a beach brigade?
Hubert: It's...a branch of the Strahta military? They're specially trained to maintain peace in...waterfront regions...
Sophie: Oh.

Pascal: (as Fermat is giving birth) Call a doctor! Call a veterinarian! Call someooooone!

Bryce: (babbling madly after he is defeated a second time by Asbel and company) Ah, a miracle! Look at all the eleth! The children of today are the Turtlez of tomorrow! Eee hee hee! Come, my friend, come eat this pig. The juice RUNS DOWN YOUR CHIN! Eee hee hee ha ha!