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Quotes / Tak: The Great Juju Challenge

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Lok: All this running around is churning up some major gas.
Tak: My name is Tak and that's a fact. Don't give me no lip, or I'll attack! Doing this challenge is really tough. The Black Mist stink, and they play rough! But it don't matter, we don't mind, 'cause in the end, we're gonna kick behind! Time is running, its going tick-tock. So, I'll hand it over to my main man Lok!
Lok: I'll take that beat and Lok's my name. Eating dung beetles is my claim to fame. Don't laugh at me or I'll punch your skull. I eat food, it makes me... full. Fish are stupid and they smell like poop that shabba shoop a doop dee doo. My rhyming's done, don't give me no frown. Just do a thing and break it down! [Tak and Lok end their burping, farting and rapping] Tak, I never knew you were cool. I think we just bonded. Want a hug?
Tak: No.
Lok: Me neither. So, quit asking me.
— A Gaseous Rap.