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Quotes / Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams

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Dream Juju: Tak, the great and mighty warrior of the [sic] Pupununu people. He who is lucky enough to have fulfilled the prophecy and defeated the powerful shaman Tlaloc.
Tak: What... Who are you? What is this place and can you turn that light down?
Dream Juju: This is the Dream World. You've been here many times before in your dreams, but this time, you have been called here for a purpose. Several days travel from here is a beautiful princess who has been cruelly imprisoned within a dark and terrifying castle. She is held captive by one of the most vicious beasts of the Dream World. The Guardian who wields the world-destroying power of the Staff of Dreams. Sadly, the princess has no hope of rescue from anyone. Except for you, Tak. And if you should save her from her plight, happiness will be restored to her kingdom and the powers of darkness will be forever diminished. What say you, great and mighty warrior of the Pupanunu people? Will you bring your wits, your strength and your courage to bear on this sacred mission?
Tak: Nah. Don't think so.
Dream Juju: No-no-no! No, wait! Hello? You're not supposed to do that. Get back here! Maybe you don't understand, Tak. Let me run through it again. Ahem. Several days travel from here is a beautiful princess who has been cruelly imprisoned within a dark and-
Tak: I heard you, but the princess thing? Come on. That's the oldest one in the book. People always say that kind of stuff in dreams, what's the point? I'm probably gonna wake up any minute.
Dream Juju: No, Tak. If you do not accept this challenge, you will never wake up again.
Tak: Oh, oh. Okay. Well, then. I'll do it.
Dream Juju: Good. I promise you, in the fulfillment of this quest, you will learn something new about yourself, Tak.
Tak: Hmmm. Something new about myself, huh? Okay, fine. Where's this princess?
Dream Juju: Not so fast, Tak. You need training before you can complete this quest. The Dream World is new to you. It has many dangers.
— The Dream Juju introduces himself to Tak.

Tak: Where am I?
Caged Juju: You're in the Woodies' Dungeon. This is where they keep their prisoners before the big event.
Tak: Big event? What's that?
Caged Juju: You'll see soon enough.
Tak: Is there anyway out of here?
Caged Juju: Perhaps. Guess what's in the box and I'll give you a key to the lift over there.
Tak: Okay. How many guesses do I get? Three?
Caged Juju: As many as you like. I've got a lot of time on my hands. And, I'm bored. So, guess away.
Tak: Great! Is it some... extra clothing?
Caged Juju: No.
Tak: Is it food?
Caged Juju: No.
Tak: Um, maybe some books?
Caged Juju: No.
Tak: Boy, this is tough. Don't worry. I'll get it. A goat?
Caged Juju: No.
Tak: A baby goat?
Caged Juju: No.
Tak: A very valuable gold necklace that's sacred to the Moon Juju? Uh, or maybe... Wait! I got it! Inside the box is a another box!
Caged Juju: No.
Tak: I've got it! There's nothing inside the box! That's it, isn't it? Nothing! Ho-ho! Yeah, it's a trick! You tricked me!
Caged Juju: No.
Tak: Yes, you did! There's nothing in there! Come on! Admit it!
Caged Juju: No.
Tak: Prove it. [the Juju opens the box, which has Lok]
Lok: Who are you calling nothing?
Caged Juju: You were never going to get it right.
Tak: Yes, I was. I was just starting to think. I was thinking, "Maybe, it's Lok".
Caged Juju: No!
Tak: Yes.
Caged Juju: No, no!
Tak: Yes infinity.
— The Caged Juju tries to help Tak.

JB: I'm JB, Jibolba's Brother.
Tak: That's funny.
JB: What's funny?
Tak: Well, your name, JB. And you're Jibolba's brother. It's the same initials.
JB: That's not funny. That is my name, Jibolba's Brother. Mother didn't even bother to think of a name for me.
Jibolba: Oh, can it, JB. Mom was very busy. Dad was off fighting those wars with the Black Mist, lost all of his fingers.
— Tak learns that JB stands for "Jibolba's Brother".

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