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To-Do List: Not die. Oh, okay.

...the fear in Resident Evil, eventually, comes less from the sneaking suspicion that a zombie dog is going to come flying through that peculiar window and more from the feeling that you only have one bullet left, and you don't know where to find more.

Resident Evil 2 should be sponsered by huggies. Because it's both pant soilingly scary, and pants creamingly good.
-Unknown User from GameFAQs

Gabe: "Survival Horror" is a fancy way of saying "Monsters will come through the windows."
Tycho: Take Dino Crisis, for example.
(a dinosaur comes through the window)
Dinosaur: Would it be scary if maybe I came through a door or something?
Tycho: Give it a shot. We'll be in the kitchen.


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