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Banshees are the corrupted asari often found leading a Reaper strike force. [...] Lumbering as though in constant pain, the emaciated Banshees are surprisingly durable opponents. They are devastating biotics, able to hurl lethal balls of energy and create shockwaves as they regenerate. What Alliance military finds most disturbing is the Banshee's ability to spawn her own warp field and seemingly teleport during combat. Although their wails have no apparent physiological effect, the psychological impact is undeniable.
Codex Entry, Mass Effect 3

Fontaine knew our blokes were coming. We were done over. Them Splicers come screaming out the woodwork. Burping fire, spitting ice... demons out of the Bible, they were. Never seen nothing like it. It wasn't a business he was building, it was an army.
Bill McDonagh, Bioshock 1

General Randall: What kind of situations are these... things suited for?
PFC Timothy Lamons: They've been trained to specifically counteract viral targets. They are highly-mobile, super strong, resilient and capable of going toe-to-toe with even the strongest infected.
General Randall: Close combat?
PFC Timothy Lamons: It's what they were made for, sir.

Once a gentle soul, now the magic gives her strength. It's easier each month to hurt others in Delilah's name, and she despairs.
The Heart, on one of Delilah's Witches, Dishonored 2

We see the Hands of Aten. The most devoted - their enemies say the most insane - of the sun god's children. They boast the greatest success with the bending of necromantic energies. In their mortal life, they were talented magi, anima flowing in their veins. They willfully renounced all possibility of an afterlife, chaining their souls to their bodies. Neither dead nor living, they walk between. Their wait is over. Their faith repaid. They rise to the baking desert heat. They take their place as the honour guard of the rising Black Pharaoh.
The Buzzing, The Secret World

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